Drive Clinical Counselling and Consulting

Welcome to Drive Clinical Counselling and Consulting. My name is Alyssa Marrello and I am the owner and clinician at Drive. Drive is based on three core beliefs:

  • All living things have a drive to attach and connect
  • Every individual has an innate wisdom to heal and grow
  • My role as a clinician is to witness and nurture the power and resiliency of each individual

At Drive, you will find services to better support the mental wellbeing of yourself and your children. Drive’s educational model, combined with an Attachment Based Approach, form the foundation of a larger model of service.

The name Drive is also rooted in my family history and has meaning that is very dear to my heart. In 1968 my grandparents opened “Marrello’s Market” on Commercial Drive in East Vancouver. Their passion, hard work, struggle and sacrifice is an inspiring example of the connection between a strong rooted foundation and the power of resiliency.

Just like my grandparents, my core beliefs are rooted in my desire to support families and help to build healthy communities.

Marrello’s Market

About Me

Alyssa MarrelloI started my career 7 years ago as an Elementary School Teacher and specialized in special needs and learning support services. I found early on in my career, that working one-to-one with children brought me an immense sense of joy and fulfillment.

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