My Story

I started my career 7 years ago as an Elementary School Teacher and specialized in special needs and learning support services. I found early on in my career, that working one-to-one with children brought me an immense sense of joy and fulfillment. This helped me to find true passion in my job and led me towards a Masters Degree in School Counselling. This passion has turned into a blessing and I feel incredibly lucky to go into work everyday and absolutely love what I do. The love I have for teaching and counselling has motivated me to reach further and begin another journey here, with Drive Clinical Counselling and Consulting. Teaching and counselling have always been a part of who I am, and how I support my community and I am excited to continue to contribute to the positive Mental Health of my community, through this platform.

As the owner of Drive, I am also a Registered Clinical Counsellor, a Paediatric Sleep Consultant and a Facilitator for Circle of Security Parenting. While working with children and their parents my goal is to empower and connect. You will notice my model of service is holistic and serves not only individuals but families as a system.

Alyssa Marrello

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Sleep Sense Certified Consultant

I believe the key to raising strong, connected and empowered children starts by empowering parents. I also strongly believe that every individual has an innate wisdom to connect, grow and to heal. I use a variety of modalities in my services and through each one I come along side my clients in their journey to better health, allowing for more peace to come into their life.

I chose to expand my skills into the world of sleep consulting for a couple of reasons. Complaints of tiredness, falling asleep in school and difficulty focusing have become more and more common in our school systems. Mental Health and sleep go hand in hand. Mental Wellness does not stop when we go to sleep, in fact I believe that is the foundation of our Mental Wellness and where we all need to start. Since training with Dana Obleman, the creator of the Sleep Sense Program, I believe this now more than ever. Promoting healthy sleep habits is integral to our daily functions and protects our cognitive health and wellness. I absolutely love helping families get the rest they need.

My goal is to provide you and your family with tools needed to face the joys and disappointments of your daily lives.

Currently servicing BC residents.

Education, Training & Accreditation

  • Registered Clinical Counsellor with the BCACC
  • Master of Education in School Counselling
  • Bachelor of Education Degree with a Minor in Learning and Developmental Disabilities
  • Bachelor of Arts Degree, with Honours
  • Diploma in Special Education
  • Expressive Play Therapy Certificate
  • Circle of Security Parenting Facilitator
  • Sleep Sense™ Consultant Training Program